Bush flying in the African setting

Greenfli offers hour building using Bathawk LSA aircrafts.
Our project is based in Limpopo Province, South Africa
We offer various flight hour building packages at competitive rates.

  • Flight hours on the Greenfli Project are all flown for the purposes of a registered Wildlife Conservation Organisation NPO in the area.

  • All Flight hours will be used to aid and assist wildlife conservation projects in the area.

  • Flights are generally conducted as Wildlife Reserve patrols.

  • Initially, all hour builder pilots will fly with one of our permanent project pilots in the right seat, for

    purposes of area orientation, operational and aircraft familiarization.

  • Flights will often be accompanied by one of the Game Rangers or another project pilot depending on

    the requirements of the flight.

  • 15 Hours -   8 Days     ZAR 20925

  • 20 Hours - 12 Days     ZAR 27900

  • 30 Hours - 16 Days     ZAR 41850